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At Y FOX 🦊 we believe in developing a decentralized financial world crossing the borders of the traditional financial system.

We are excited to announce the first live product of Y FOX 🦊 Finance i.e. Dual Staking the first kind of innovation in Defi Space, Unlike other Defi apps out there in the market we are bringing out something new which the Defi space, hasn’t seen before.

Grab your $YFOX 🦊 token from Uniswap/Mooniswap/Hotbit/Bilaxy before the staking starts at 14:00 UTC ?

let’s first discuss staking

Staking is holding your digital crypto assets in smart contracts and earn passive income on top of it.

FOX 🦊Dual Staking

Y FOX Dual Staking is a dAPP that bridges the gap between the normal staking and the traditional banking fixed…

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Y FOX is an open-source Decentralized protocol which enables you to easily access FOX DUAL STAKING, FARMING, GOVERNANCE VOTE, LENDING and BORROWING DeFi Services from a simple dashboard.

Our goal is to simplify the process of lending and borrowing of crypto assets while maintaining Decentralization and transparency by Leveraging the superior capability (i.e., high performance and smart contract functionality).

Y FOX Members can participate in network governance to maintain an open and fair ecosystem on Y FOX Finance. By holding Y FOX tokens, you’re eligible to vote during the decision-making process. …


Build Your Own Financial World 🌍 with $YFOX 🦊 | Telegram Community:

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